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Hi first ,

second..(more and more Israelis are USES english words when they are speaking, or publish, we lost our respect to our own language! and they even don't speak it right!) ..

Soon enough , all languages will become one , that is a natural evolution..

If you doubt it search statistic sites and compare how many languages were there 100 years ago world wide and how many are there now!!judge for yourself..

thanks for dropping by..
Hi Eed,

Well that tongue sticking out does say what I think about that signiture Emotion: smile It is one of those fat statements, sounds impressive with big words, but only distorts the truth. I am a pacifist, and dont think we are in a harsh game of survival. The land is not that small, there is enough space, and food for all. Yes it is true if someone is dying of hunger, that is because somebody else is plundering that person's share. But that is not out of necessity; not because there is not enough for two. That only means some people are extra greedy, dont know at all what life is about. It is not necessity that creates the evil; evil doesnt have any excuse.

Please don't say that signiture was something you came up with Emotion: wink Even if it were, you wouldn't be offended right?Emotion: smile

When are you usually online? Maybe we can sometime try that chat thing...Did you see it, it is on the right on the top of the english forums... the good thing about it ; you dont have to download anything... You just sign in and chat.

Have a nice holiday, and the Eid of course Emotion: big smile Never mind me, keep thinking, and do share your wisdom with us Emotion: smile
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Hi Hena ,

Oh my ..you are grouchy today , I dont deserve to be bashed like this..

(that tongue sticking out does say what I think about that signiture)..everyone has a right to an opinion..

(fat statements, sounds impressive with big words, but only distorts the truth). 100 million were killed in the last century in conflicts and killing is still going on ..if you think that is not real ,then what is..!!

(The land is not that small, there is enough space) most conflicts revolve around territorial disputes , infact American Indians were almost driven to extinction for that reason..Land is small in term of space and most importantly in term of resources..most resources are not renewable( that is why the U.S. is here in the Middle East if you havent noticed )

(some people are extra greedy,) Precisely , greed is an integral part of human nature ,, it is an instinct to ensure his survival chances..it drives people to gather more and more means of survival thus subsiding their sense of insecurity..

-- It is wise for the human race to admit their weaknesses otherwise the sickness will continue , the slaughtering will continue , and the suffering will never end..

Knowing the disease is the first step to the cure..

If you thought I am promoting this human nature or justifying it , no , not realy..Iam just pointing to it...crying out loud ...., ..we are not angles .., we have the seeds of primitive brutality , we are driven by fear or greed or name it what ever you like , at the end we are geared for survival ..technological know how doesnt mean we are civilized , it just mean we can use more tools ..being civilized is to rise above these primitive instincts and satisfy our fears with something other than destroying our fellow human..

Yes , I wrote it , because knowing the disease is part of the remedy ( at least I hope it is )..

Dont be harsh Hena , I know it is not your nature ..

Did i forget to mention the fluence of arabic? Emotion: wink

beside,here in israel some poeple use english words as snobism or to impressive someone.

beside, our Eliezer Ben Yeoda fight to make this language alive,

i don't want my language to be one, we have one of the oldest languages in the world.
You are right Anonymous , there is a sense of warmth and affection attached to one's heritage .. But as I said earlier good intentions cant stop the inevitable.., and , for your sake and those like you who dont want to lose their unique identities , I hope Iam wrong..

After all , Jews in the United States managed to hang on to their roots dispite being in the midst of a melting pot..
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Hi again Eed,

"everyone has a right to an opinion" but clearly you are offended. Come on Eed, the last thing I want to do is to offend you, you are the most friendly face in this forum. Even though you call me harsh and define me as grouchy Emotion: sad...

I havent noticed what is going on in the Middle East! How cant I, you know who I am... How can I ignore all the conflict and wars going on. You thought I am some kind of Pollyanna, living in a happy little pink world, and believing everybody is good, all is good.

I just didnt agree with the way you express it. First of all, I never thought it could be something you came up with. Those who say there is not enough space and resources for all, and human nature is evil, usually talk like that to justify this stupid game of power. They mean this is how it was supposed to be in the first place, and how it is going to be till the very end.

Do you really believe American Indians were killed because there was not enough land and resources for both races? It is just the powerful who thinks he has the right to oppress the weak. And where do you think he gets this right from? That nature excuse again, the strongest survives...Rather than giving everybody his equal share, some people want more and more for themselves.

Come on, had we grown grains in the existing arable land, that by itself would be enough to feed all, but instead some are foced to cultivate tabocco and coffee. Yes oil may not last for ever, but rather then killing innocent for oil, why dont we put away our stupid SUVs, or turn off the extra light. Why doesnt anyone give any real chance to alternative forms of energy? Can we really say, we have to fight for the little food on the plate? or is it some getting extra fat despite the others' misery...

SighEmotion: sad! you define me as a grouchy and naive person, and still I am the harsh one. And all I did was saying how that signiture sounds to me, not knowing it was smt you wrote. (Above all you asked for my opinion)

Later as you say, (if you still think of me as a friend)
i just say that in my language there are many influencies from other language, did i say that fluence from arabic is bad? no.

i just said that there are too many of publisher who use English word to sell more.
Hi Hena..

let me start by hoping that this dialogue is not happening for the sake of argument..

Now aside from any emotional factors involved ( if there is any ), let's rationally analyse what's being said.

As I understand , my position is ; ( brutality is within the realms of human nature )..

Your position is ; ( brutality is not within the realms of human nature at all - or - brutality is within the nature of greedy humans only )..

Basically we share the same view , so what is wrong!!

What is wrong is that you have assumed that my position is to justify violence since it is part of our nature( or part some people's nature )..

Now based on that assumption you launched your criticism rejecting my assumed justification of bad human traits..

Well Hena ,, for God's sake I dont justify evil , you wont find one single word I have written suggesting that evil is good or o.k.- it is the dominant human way of thinking that percieve brutality as a necessity for survival ( dont tell me it is not dominant because statistics tells you among other things that millitary budgets woldwide take precedence over other hummanistic expenditure)......On the contrary , I condemn evil , I am merely pointing to it saying " watch out , oh humans , there is something evil lurking in your hearts"..

But it is rather interesting that you read the signiture and picked up this assumption only( which is based on a dual meaning premise )..why !! is it perhaps because it is what you wanted...If that is the case then I wonder , what did I do wrong to instigate negativity...... What ever it is , I sincerely apologize for it..

OK Hena have a nice Eid ,,,

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Hi anonymous

It is obvious that you dont like people using English for vanity purposes..Well , I agree with you , it is sad to use Language , wealth , or job to boost one's self esteem..

But what do you think of those calling for isolation to avoid being contaminated by others ??
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