How to greeting interviewers during job interview?

Can I use " Good morning/ Good afternoon ladies and gentle man"

"Nice to meet you"

"How do you do?"

And how to say thank you after finished the interview

Below I have detailed some general tips for a successful interview, which include the greeting and goodbye.

Get all of your paperwork in order
- sample application blank or pocket resume
- copies of your resume (put in a folder or briefcase)
- list of questions that you want to ask
- favorable records (i.e., school, military, portfolios of your work, letter of recommendations, etc.)

Know what the company does.
Know how to get the interview.
Know with whom you will be inteviewing (call ahead and ask the receptionist)
Know what you are going to wear. Be clean, neat, and conservative.
Practice the interview in front of a mirror.
Get a good night's sleep.
Go alone.
--don't take friends or relatives
Be early.
--allow an extra 10-15 minutes

Greet the receptionist or secretary with respect. A good greeting should go like this:
-- greeting "Hello"
--your name "My name is Pat Student"
--why you are there "I have an interview"
--time of your appointment "at 2:00"

When you go into the interview, it is important that you give important information to your interviewer. That is give a

1) greeting......2) give your name..... 3) give your affiliation..... 4) give your purpose.

--shake the interviewer's hand
--greeting "Hello, Mr. Smith"
--affiliation "and I'm from Huron High School
--purpose "I'm here for the 2:00 interview for the Auto Mechanic position
--look at the interviewer when you talk with them
Remember.....you never get a second chance to make a good impression. So:

  1. extend your hand to shake hands with the interviewer
  2. don't sit down until asked

    Most interviewers decide whether or not they are going to hire you within the first three minutes of the interview, so you see the importance of good greeting!

  3. Be polite. Don't interrupt.

    --say "please" and "thank you"
    Don't smoke or chew gum.
    Be honest.
    --don't dodge troublesome questions.
    --answer them as positively as possible.

    Keep an attentive, relaxed posture
    --don't slouch in your chair.
    --don't sit like a statue, either.
    --don't tap your fingers or jiggle your foot.

    During the interview maintain good eye contact. Try always to give a positive response. Give more than "yes" or "no" answers.

    Don't ask about money until near the end.

    --if you ask about money first, you will sound greedy
    --a good way to ask is, "What is the salary schedule for beginning employees?"
    Ask questions (an interview is a two-way street)

    --you need to know about the job, too.
    --Is there a training period? How long?
    --Is there a probationary period? How long?
    --Is there a dress code or uniform policy?
    --What is the usual starting salary? (However never ask first)
    --What are the benefits? Are there any paid holidays? Insurance? Vacation leave? Sick leave?
    --Is there reimbursement for more education or training?
    Sense when the interview is over.

    --don't try to drag the interview on.

    Present the employers with your resume, if they haven't already asked for it!
    --don't walk out with it

    Throw the "HOOK"
    --try to "hook" the interviewers into committing themselves to call you and let you know if you got the job.
    --if they won't say they will get back to you with an answer, then ask when you can call them back.
    --this shows responsibility and good planning on your part.

    Sign off - should be just as good as your greeting.
    --thank the employer --"Thank you for talking to me"
    --repeat her name ---"Ms. Smith."
    --tell her you want the job "I would really like to work for Huron Service Garage."
    --Tell him you are anxious to hear from him "I hope to hear from you soon."
    --shake her hand.
    --keep good eye contact.
    --say "Good-bye"

    Say "good-bye" and thank the secretay as you walk out.

    Every interview should be followed by a thank you letter.
    • It is just one more chance to show that you really do want to work for that company.
    • It is also is one more chance to get your name in front of the employer and, hopefully, kep it out of the wastebasket.
Very good tips there.

I particularly recommend being polite to the receptionist/secretary on the way in. It is not uncommon for them to be asked their impression of the interviewees. I can remember one occassion where the PA of the Chief Executive was providing cover for a few minutes on reception, a chap coming in for an interview with the Chief Exec for a high level position took an extremely haughty attitude with her. The second the interview was over she was straight in to the Chief Exec and told him, and his response was that he wouldn't employ anyone who takes that attitude with other staff.
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Thank you so much. It was exactly what I was looking for.
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Thank You so much.This is exactly what i mean.
Can I use: Good morning /Good afternoon ladies and gentle man
How to greet interviewers during an interview job?
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