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Hey guys it was me the anonymous, lol.

Anonymous And Lazarus, yes Einstein really believed on the existence of God. It's what, in his later life pracrtised the mysterious things and was able to transform his body into soul.

Yes, from what I know of him, Einstein was a deeply religious/spirtiual scientist, which always proves to be an interesting blend.
I'm not sure I understand what you're saying in the second sentence, though, pf.

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I thought I will speak out my mind about heavens and death. Basically I believe in simple theory that all creatures were created due sunlight or some external asteroid that visited earth. Since earth had the conditions to keep the creatures live, life went on on earth.
Hold on am trying to explain Heaven. I also think there is no such thing as soul. I know that life is organic matter + electricity. The thinking power of creatures(humans especially) is confused to be Soul. If you take brain out of humans they are just dead meat. This brain gives every creature a sense of existence and a sense of so called Soul. Our sensory organs give feedback to brain to give a feeling of so called Soul. Our brain is vicious, it can create ideas, self hypnotize itself and take rides in wild imagination and basically its very creative and when provoked by sensory organs it adapts and thinks even smarter. Our brains created everything from speech capability to religions to GOD and all stories of Heaven. There is no such thing as heaven and God. We are just accidently created in earth, so be it. Give science time to unravel the infinite universe. Do not speculate. I like science in the way that it explains things to everyone from all religions in a simple way like 2 + 2 = 4..kind of. Mathematics and science is the TRUTH Science is a great leveller. So I would wait for our brains to explain creation and just about everything..slowly.
I'm an atheist.

I want to tell you what I think.
God =man made concept.......
In the earlier stages of mankind some people became greedy, they started to cheat, lie, even killed others, etc etc...
The elder people worried and they wanted a way by which they can put an end to this.
Someone intelligent would have come up with this brilliant idea. An idea that would change and even restrict the way people think and behave for centuries to come.
And that was the concept of God. Heaven and hell followed...

They started telling stories about God and rules which everyone should follow. They also said that if someone does not obey these rules will be sent to hell where they will be put in boiling oil etc etc.
Very few people of that generation might have not bilieved this. But the following generations were thought of God from the childhood. This created the fear of god in the minds of the people.
Eventually most of the people feared of God and they built that fear of someone watching them from above and stopped lieing, killing etc etc..The elder people had achieved what they wanted, they had instilled God in everyone's mind.

People living in isolation and different parts of the world created different theories so we can see there are differences in biliefs, Gods etc.

By the way my parents , school, college and other documents say I'm a christian. But I think I do not belong to any religion.

Heavon is here, on the earth. So is hell.
Everyone has goodness and evillness. One who overcomes this evillness within him/her is 'God', one who loves everyone is God, one who know how to forgive is God, atleast I think so!

I do not intend to hurt someone or their beliefs. All these opinions are completely my own. I'm really sorry if I have hurt someone unintessionally.
That's your opinion. You have no basis for this arguement. The fact is that God has revealed Himself to the world in too many ways to shug it off as a man made thing.
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KYsheeplover06I'll have to disagree with you, anonymous. If you have any morals whatsoever (even as obvious as not murdering or stealing), there has to be some force, be it God, Allah, or any other of the various 'gods', putting that concept of morality into the human mind. I, myself, am a Christian.

But what about the people who don't have any morals? What about the people who do steal, and those who kill and rape without thinking anything of it. They are still human, one of 'Gods' creations. I just want you to look at people like Joseph Edward Duncan III or George W. Bush and tell me there is a god.
George W. Bush is a good man so what's the problem there? He stands by biblical morals for the most part. Bill Clinton on the other hand, he was anti- christian as you can get.
AnonymousGeorge W. Bush is a good man so what's the problem there? He stands by biblical morals for the most part. Bill Clinton on the other hand, he was anti- christian as you can get.

Clinton gave into temptations of the flesh, while Bush is responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths. Not much of a comparison, IMO.
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what i think is why do we even exist in the first place,why is he universe here? why does anything exist? it is all complex

what i don't understand is how people can say God or heaven/hell or other dimensions cannot exist (the universe or anything being a reality is a miracle in itself, why does anything exist...this type of thought like oh we're just here, nothing else exists except for the material world around us (concerning yourself with the material earth) goes against philosophy because these are the people who have not really thought about the concept of the universe

i don't know if u'll undersand what i'm talking about
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