Hey gius, could you check it, please? Emotion: smile

Hi Vlad,

I would like to tell you about a girl I met three days ago in the Basket-Hall. Her name is Julia and she is so cute.
She was working as a volunteer, but when we met, she preferred to watch the competition as a spectator. Oh, it slipped my mind, how we met. I arranged to watch competition with my friend and his girlfriend, but it was a big surprise for me to see one more person with them when I arrived. As I said, she is so cute and as I understood after very intelligent. After the match, we went to the restaurant and continued introducing. We talked about lots of things and after that exchanged our phone numbers. Therefore, I am happy now, because you know I had been on my own for a long time before I found Julie.
I am looking forward to talking and meeting with her.
Then what ? : )