i am very weak in english, and really envy those who can write so well without much thinking even though it is not relevance to their job.

i have tried to read many letter writting books , but when i tried to write something , i always unable to express well . why it is so?

someone thought me to memorise the opening and closing paragraph of those business writting letter, however i find it is too tedious because there are quite a lot to memorise.

I am having my business English exam soon and is quite worry since my english foundation is not there.

Is there any efficient method whereby i can master it in a short time .

Your assistance and prompt reply to the above matter is greatly appreciated.Thank you very much.
i have tried to read many letter writting books, but when i tried to write something.i always unable to express well.
Once you know the basic grammar, good business writing is simply the result of clear thinking, logically arranged, and using accepted etiquette.

Good business writing is nothing more than be short and clear in saying what you would say face-to-face.

Always keep this in mind when writing: What do I want the person reading this to do, after he or she has read this? If you don't know the answer to this, you can't start writing.
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Dear frendz m also same and would like to assistance.