hello,everyone,my name is susan,and i am a girl who come from China.
i like to learn English very much...i am good at oral, seems that my writing and reading skill is much less than my oral skill,i tried a lots of methods to further study English grammar, but i hate to read the boring english grammar book...
who can help me on it? who can give me good suggestions about it?
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Our verbal english is not that accurate and we stammer in between when we speak in English. This is creating a big problem when we are sitting for call centre interviews as they need good command over english and we are lacking it. what should we do? Please help us to improve it.

No easy answer except practice. I know it's tough. It's tough learning any second language. But practice is the only way. You need to be able to listen to the question and respond in the proper tense.

Good luck.
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Nobody has corrected a very basic mistake made by Susan in her question.




i am from Poland --> This is wrong.

I am from Poland. --> This is correct.

i have two sons. ---> This is wrong.

I have two sons. ---> This is correct.

When I went to London, i met a couple of Poles. ---> This is wrong.

When I went to London, I met a coupoe of Poles. ---> This is correct.

english is spoken even in Poland. --> This is wrong.

English is spoken even in Poland. ----> This is correct.

Engllish is spoken in poland. ---> This is wrong.

English is spoken in Poland. ---> This is correct.

I am sure you have grammars at home. Look at the pronouns; there you will see you should always write 'Susan' not 'susan'. The same goes with words Englsih, Polish, Russia, England , etc.
Gramer includes either how to use tenses, and you can get that by reading alot and waching movies helps to.

So nice to get your correction. Seems that you paid more attention about my basic mistakes wor! Actually,I didn't pay more attention about those Capital letters although I knew it.

But seems that you looked me as a new one of English field,no matter having so much examples lar~~~~~~~

Anyway,Thanks for your help!
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Hi !
The best way to do that would be to read a lot of standard english novels, magazines, newspapers as well as listening to good radio programs in english. Are u satisfied?
Andrei, calm down.

First of all, on the internet ALL CAPS is considered yelling and is therefore rude.

Furthermore, regarding the issue of susan/Susan, her username is written with a lowercase s therefore capitalising it would be incorrect.

Ok, regarding the original question. If your goal is learning grammar, there isn't a good substitute for a grammar text unless you have a tutor. If your goal is learning how to speak the language, there's no good substitute for practice. No matter how good your grammar is you still won't be able to speak English properly unless you practice it with native speakers.
Migo said:
"No matter how good your grammar is you still won't be able to speak English properly unless you practice it with native speakers."

I'm afraid that is not always true.
I live in a Spanish-speaking country. I've studied English here and I became a teacher long before I spoke with a native speaker for the first time. Yet, as you can see, my English is very good. And so is the English of many people in my country. We learned from teachers (Argentinian teachers mostly) and from books, and we did learn.

Speaking with a native speaker can certainly be a great experience, but it might also be a nightmare. It depends on how good the English of the native speaker is. I have taught English grammar to native speakers of English.
The same happens with my first language. You will find native speakers of Spanish you'll wish you never met; and you will find others with whom talking will be a pleasure.
Not every native speaker of English speaks "good" or even standard English. The same probably applies to native speakers of most languages.

If every single native speaker of a language could speak that language well, it wouldn't be necessary to teach grammar/language to kids in school. In my country, we start studying Spanish grammar and language in primary school, and we continue in high school. And, let me tell you, it does help.

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That's great,

I terriible sorry so i don't help any thing, my E is borring, too,

I don't understand grammar is very difficult. when we were born, we don't have your grammar but we sill can speak mother tongue in a clear.

Sussan and every body, You can speak E in a fluent, It is advantage for learning E grammar, I agree with you, and now i have a opportunity to go abroad to learn Master by english but it is very difficult, when I have setted me in to difficult conditions, I see my E is accelerate, are you think so?

we are see, writing lettes for everybody, chat with eachother, help another and talk with other person are some conditions, opportunity to practice skill writing, speaking E

Best with for everybody.

Cuong, Nguyen Tien
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