hello,everyone,my name is susan,and i am a girl who come from China.
i like to learn English very much...i am good at oral, seems that my writing and reading skill is much less than my oral skill,i tried a lots of methods to further study English grammar, but i hate to read the boring english grammar book...
who can help me on it? who can give me good suggestions about it?
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I am also good at roal, but not in writing. If you do not like grammar books you could try to see movies who really teach some good lesson and grammer for us.


hiya,susan,nice 2 meet u in here, my hometown is Liaoning:P

well, i really understand what u say,coz i have the same poblems.. i am study in Ireland right now, i have to speak english every day,but i am really poor in write ..

same as you , when face a gammerbook has 700 pages which really makes me feel unwell,><coz i always learn,and then forget,or just don't no when to use it,and how to use it right ..

i think don't "really"try to learn it , i mean deal wiv a book and learn it ,i have to say that if usually talk to english speakers ,some of the rules will come naturelly to you,the world "yu gan "(in chinese) also really inportant^

to choose something that u r really don't understand ,then work with it...

good luck ^ ^
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Hei Susan,

I share the same problem with you. I come from a country which English is a second language. When I was in my own country, being able to construct sentences is more than enough. However, when I reached Aus a year ago, I suffered a lot because people always emphasize on grammar. I know nothing much about grammar except the basic bit. I have also encountered a lot of problems in improving my grammar. Can anyone suggests a method which can be used online? Thanks.

Chinese: Goh
i want to learn english grammar. because it is use when writing letter.so i want to study it.

Hi Susan,

I want to give you some real life example that a person can speak a language without reading books.

Some people do not read anything in their life and they don't know how to read but they can talk in their native language. Do you think How?

Only Listening, a small child can talk to you because he/she only listen to the people and he will start talking without using any grammer. and he can convey his message to all the people. Some of the Political leader also don't know to read but they can send their message to the people effectively.

Therefore for listenening you can improve your grammer , speaking etc.


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I have to agree with you on this one. I was there before. I have been living in U.S since when i was 15, and i thought that grammar was really something i hate to work on. So i have skipped it. That was a bad choice. Writing in English is very important with any kind of job here in U.S. I got my degree and went on couple jobs, and i quit because of lack confidence in english writing which is required for job positions. Now i am going back to school and retake some english grammar class as a full time student. I guess my point is that do not skip english grammar even it's really dull to learn. Because you'll still need to learn it at the end, no matter of what.
It really depends on what your goal is. Being a good writer, reader, talker and listener is not all the same. You can be a great talker, but a poor listener...most people are this way. You can be a proficient reader, but a poor talker. You can even be a good conversationalist in private, but be a terrible public speaker. And being a good grammarian is yet another skill...and I would say the most needed skill if you want to be a good writer.

So if your goal is specifically to improve English grammar, then the most efficient method is to study the grammar. But just remember, being a grammar guru will not guarantee you will automatically be expert in other areas.
no one knows what is the answer,but i feel answer since,i love english,if u love anything u win.one who is in love look so different provided his love is side of him,taking his hand and worshipping him,same way if anyone learn english speaking and writing they will follow me,hope i will come back again, me from india.
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Hi, i am girl from Uniyed Arab Emarit, Iam begining student i want to know how can i improve my english in fast time.
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