hi , i'm not very good in english speaking but at least i can converse and comunicate with others , what matters is that i'm not able to express my ideas clearly , i have often put myself in troubles that constantly leads my university teachers to misunderstand me and ask to explain what i mean . for this reason i have started reading for four hours a day and listen to english as much as i can in order to master the language , honestly i do not strongly believe if that enough to become good in english ,just because english is considered the third language im my country , perhaps that forces me to do double effort , im not sure about what i have to do and how ....that s why i ask to suggest me and give some tips to follow , i will be thankful diana
Ask around for a native speaker to converse with you.
And search around the "how to improve my english" threads here at EnglishForward.com. It'll be easier to find good threads with our impending forum version.
There might be some good tips on how to improve your spoken english.
ok. you haveb to study more more from daily news paper/local chanal to improve your ngls speaking. take regular reading, listening radio ets
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
try to speak English in front of mirror and practice how to talk because i think you are good in English but you have lake of confidence ,, watch maximum English videos it will give you a best result t.c