Dear friends:
Hi,my name is Esther.I'm a chinese.
I'm a sophomore,and my major is Business English
I've take part in a program which called "work&travel".The program'll give me a chance to work and travel in the U.S.A,but I have to pass a test,something like a job interview.
The interviewer offered us five kinds of jobs,like working in the supermarket,hotle,amusement park,factory or fast food restaurant.
we can choose 2 from them.And our job will be determined by our oral English capacity
My oral English isn't very good,and my grammar is also very poor,so I don't know how can I act during the interview to assure that I can get the ideal job successfully.
could you please give me some advices,like how to introduce myself,or how to answer the possible questions
ps:I choose to work at amusement park or fast food restaurant
Hope to receive you advices soon
thank you!!
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What kind of questions would you want to know how to answer?

And you don't want to work in fast food. It's a bad job. A supermarket would be better.
Thanks for your care!

I don't know how to answer the question like "why did u choose this kind of jobs ?".
I even don't know how to introduce myself successfully.
because I'm a chinese ,so I don't know what kind of questions will they ask.
what would u say if they asked u to tell something about yourself?
could u give me a simple example,just like...uh.."my name is ***,....."

have u ever worked in an amusement park?
And why did u say that a supermarket would be better? working in the fast food isn't a good choice?
I thought that working in the fast food would provide me more chances to conmunicate with others,so that I can improve my oral english.
That's why I choose that one,but u said it's a bad job.could u tell me some differences between them?
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Well, I have worked in fast food, but I can understand why you would want to pick it.
Fast food is working in a restaurant like McDonald's. A supermarket is where someone would buy food to make.

When introducing yourself, shake hands and say, "I'm ____." If you feel like you need to explain your Chinese background, that may be a good idea. Your explaination of working in fast food is a good one! You can definitely use that as an answer. If they ask you about yourself, tell the truth. Explain why you're there and your background. You could also research some interview questions that employers might ask. It might prepare you!

Working in fast food isn't fun. You would be talking with a lot of people, but it's not fun. Working at a supermarket, you can talk to the same amount of people, but you could spend more time talking to them since they would have a lot of food to buy. The more food they buy, the more talking you can do with them.

I haven't worked at an amusement park, but I think that would be your best option. Working at an amusement park will give you more people to talk to and, like I said before, more people to talk to means more practice with oral English.

Good luck! Feel free to ask me any other questions.
All right.
I got it.Thanks
I've researched the questions.I notice that there are a lot of questions,but most of them do not have an answer or example.They only tell u how to answer these questions ,but without an example, I still don't know how to answer it correctly.I mean, Both grammar and substance.u know,Chinese students like me,we study English for almost 8 years or 9 years.maybe we can pass the English exams easily and successfully,but we can't speak it out.When it is the time to say something, my mind will be blank.
The interview'll be hold in the day after tomorrow.Hope I can pass it successfully with your help.
There are a lot of questions that can be asked. What questions do you need examples for?
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The interview will last 5 or 6 minutes for each student.I prepared 3 questions that the interviewer might asked.Like, tell something about myself,"why do u choose these two kinds of jobs",or" what's your strongest traits".
If u are the interviewer,what would u ask except these 3 questions above?
first you can start by always saying " hello".. "hello" or "how are you" are proper greeting in the U.S.A.. then you can tell the person who interviews you that you enjoy socializing because its fun and it helps your english dialect to grow.. show the person you are capable of more than you lead on.. and you are willing to learn whatever it takes to help you to excel at your job and in the U.S.A

thanks for your care .

well, I passed the interview finally. but...because of some personal reasons , I have to give it

although I can't go to American this time , I still believe that I can prove my oral english by everyday's practice.and I think there'll be a lot of chances for me to go aboard .
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