I need help to improve my English writing, to check grammar and sentence, I do not know when to stop sentence and is missing grammar.
For talking better than writing in my experince. How can you help me please?.

Best Regards,
You can improve by doing some writing. Post your sentences and questions on the forum. A member of the forum will help you and point out your mistakes.
To get a quick answer, keep your postings short.
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First of all I would like to thank you for telling us your story, I wonder it is true or just story to tell us about it . Anyhow I feel it especially because my brother mental illness, now he live with me at home with my wife and my son, you he loves me very much something can fell it without some one to tell you, only just watching TV, eating, towelet to wear his dress but can't understand very well, most of times like to kiss me and I must put my hands in his shoulder like Babi as he live with me now for about one year since I was out of country working abroad, since maybe 10 years when my mam die and my dad before here maybe about 3 years, he was staying with my oldest sister but she was little bid taught with him, she was trying to let him accept her roll in her live, she have 3 children boys and her husband die. Before her husband die my brother he has to go with him to supermarket to carry with him what they going to buy and also looks for him to go out from house. In that time I was coming once a year or two times and I took him to my house he loves me too much even me I love him too much looks like my son or more feeling I can't express very sensitive romantic too.

now after I came to my country he staying with me, I forget to tell you my sister was complaining before about him , he was helping her for washing cubs and arranging bed and so on, she was complaining he broke glasses keep some food in gas stove sometimes test food by his hand last days when he was staying with her she never take him out from house very rarely so he start sitting in balcony taking to him self and telling that our neighbor look at him, after he came staying with me we going out every day evening to walk near to our house in gardening track he like it even there is match football to watch , he Waite tell match finish then he will tell will go for walk I said yes get up and wear cloth for out then he walking with by catching his with my hand even he can't see probably too as he wear glasses . One year ago he made an operation in his eyes , In that time I get telephone call from one of sister was telling me the old sister want to collect some money from all to make operation for his eyes then I told her no way how you want then I sent to her more than this I told them I am responsible about him , even he get social insurance from our father, its good enough for him but he never old sister do even his cloths I brought it for him or other sister bring sometime too .Since he was staying with me she never bay for him I mean to give me his social insurance to me to give him any thing but she give it me two times only and she said bring him to me to stay with here and he don't want to here any more every time telling please I love my brother I don't want to go to her.

I think this first time to me to write all of this and I can't explain my feeling completely or excitedly.

See you later for completing life story.

Thanks for following me please comment

To begin with, English may not be a measure of intelligence but it surely is of confidence. English speaking skill is just like any other skill needs to be learnt from an experienced person who has thorough knowledge on the subject and of course, has the ability to transfer this knowledge in a fun and unique way to the student. The role plays and various student activities encourage students to speak in various contexts. The careful attention and constant feedback given by the instructor helps the student to work on the mistakes and over a period gain the necessary confidence to speak in English. As one continues to practise the ability to speak at length improves and response time to questions reduces, making the student fluent in the language.