I'm a junior student who major in English in Taiwan.
I want to improve my pronunciation, to speak like an American.
How can I change my accent??
Hi, Hyden. Welcome to EnglishForward. The best way is to live in USA or UK. Emotion: big smile Try to listen to audio books, radio and repeat then, watch TV show, sitcoms and try to use any oppotrunity "to live" in english, and payoff comes.
Hey Hyden!

The BEST way to improve your accent is with your ears!
You need to speak on a regular basis - as a beginning student I suggest 10 - 15 min. per day.
Record your voice as you read out loud, then compare what you hear on tape to what you hear on T.V. then adjust accordingly.

The other tip to improve is to get a tutor with the accent that you want...And then you talk together, and he/she will adjust your pronunciation
and teach you how to make the sounds like a "native".

Seriously - there are NO shortcuts on this one...only consistent effort.

Good luck!

Skype me any time if I can help you, I will!