My spoken English is not very good, I want to improve it ,Can you give me some advice?

Thank you !
This subject has been discussed several times already. You may find helpful threads by searching "improve spoken English" in the search box on the top right corner of the page.

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My pronunciation is not good. Please tell me what can I do now?
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Sing in English. Try to sound like your favourite pop star!

It does pay off. I worked for me!

Good luck!
hi according to me ..

i try to listen TO ENGLISH conversation , news and stories..

you'll get benefit from

believe me ..

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that is a really phenominal idea!!
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I am like many of you need the help for improve my speak in English

I wish the help from people who are fluent in English language

the best form to improve your english pronunciation is waching movies, listen some music, speaking with others persons (remember: you need to lose your shame) and surf on the web, you know chating Emotion: stick out tongue

that is my advice!!!!!!
English speaking skills are also improved by not learning grammar as a book of rules and regulations but in understanding the concept which helps people to use the language as life situations occur. This method enables students to remember things for a longer period of time as unlike school, there is no rote learning but empowered learning which is purely application based and extremely relevant. The activities selected carefully by the instructors help students to practice and speak as much as they can. Eventually students progress from making single, simple sentences to sustaining a conversation for a longer period. They begin to put newly learnt language with language already learned and use their own creativity to experiment with the language, therefore making their learning fruitful and truly worthy of all the time and effort.

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