How to improve my spoken English?
I don't find it difficult to read or write, I can even understand an English movie but i don't know why I fail to speak. When ever I speak to myself am pretty fluent and am happy that I do not make any grammar mistake but when it comes to speak with others I just stumble, I see myself searching for words and I do many Grammatical blunders but the very next moment I correct myself in my mind, that shows I know what is right and wrong still I make mistakes Emotion: sad Am just freaking out and I have lost confidence too.
Please help me.
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Hmm, kinda strange , but no problem Emotion: smile

All you need is to train, if i were you , i would read every single text here loud and try to pronounce it right. And another thing you can do is to sing with the lyrics !
It seems that you just have to overcome yourself, i can really understand your problem! Imagine you are able to speak without any mistakes , maybe that will help. Perhaps you are to exited while talking to other people, just be sure you aren't exited. If you did mistakes in a sentence , start again and maybe this time a bit calmer.

It's all proceeding in your head, there's a certain point you have to overcome and then you'll be able to speak fluent in conversations . But i sometimes have the same problems, i don't do grammatical problems but i search for words , which i actually know . Nevertheless i think those problems has every Non-native speaker, except he went to an english speaking country for years!:)

I hope i could help you....
hey can you help me ! my english is very poor
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Read through this forum and read the "how to improve your english threads", that's the best way to learn the best and easiest methods for increasing your english from poor to good ! Emotion: smile

excited. its excited. dont try to help someone with english if you cant do it yourself.
Anonymousexcited. its excited. dont try to help someone with english if you cant do it yourself.
And you post here to correct someone's spelling and criticize them, when you don't even bother to capitalize anything or use any apostrophes? Emotion: big smile

By the way, this anonymous poster wasn't the same that started this thread and needed help. Just to make things clear.
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hi i can see your writing is good but always be confident of yourself everyone learn new things no one was born with it. i have the same problem but am trying to overcome by speaking to people practise practise make a perfect so do not be afraid of on how they judge you.

good luck

keep practising
Omg Anonymous poster, Is it really that evil if I forget a single letter in a word?Surely my english isn't the best, but I try to help others, where I am able to help them, and in my opinion there's nothing to complain about.
If you want to discuss something with me, just register here and we can talk about it. But don't throw inappropriate insults into the room. That doesn't help the user who needs help or brings advantages to anyone. Well, if there's anything to complain about, write me a pm, or be quiet!
lol....same problem with me?
The reason of this problem is English is not native to you and you are rarely talking in English with others. Even though you try you will have the fear that you might be wrong which is a sign of lack of confidence.
solution for this kind of problem is to talk only in English in your surrounding or LOOK FOR A FRIEND WHOSE NATIVE LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH.
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