I have started learning english since I was in the intermediate school. I can write, listen and speak quite good. However, I am facing difficulty with vocabulary as I don't understand most things I read, listen and very often I face problems expressing my thoughts and ideas. This feeling makes me depressed and sad and I just want to overcome such weakness.

I tried to read some books but I failed because I get bored very soon since I refer to the dictionary more than 20 times just to read one page! I tried to watch english movies without translation and I just understand few things through the actions and events.

What do you advise me to do in order to go over this nightmare?

Thanks in advance...

You are looking at it wrongly! You have written a phrased you question well. There will always be words that you don't understand - that even happens when English people read a book. You are trying to 'bottom up read' which means that you want to understand every word before you understand the meaning. In your native language you read the title, then your brain thinks about everything you know about that subject before you read. Then if there is a technical word you carry on reading and see if you understand the context. This is called top down reading and a good English teacher would give you an exercise to prove this to you.

Keep going and look at what you have achieved.

The English language contains more than 750,000,000 words. The average intelligent, educated native speaker knows about 20,000 of them and uses about 2,000 of the regularly! You will never learn them all!
Aslam al_aSeeR

I m an english teacher in Turkey.indeed ı had memorized many words and have a good grammer in english it is not enough to talk.Although ıf u have many words in your mind it wont be a solution to your problem.The thing that you can come over from this problem is try to speak with one whose native languge is English or whose english is very fluent.May be u can go abroad for a while or u can have foreign friends.And they should near u and try to talk them face to face.

I have this problem too.EVen ı know many words ı cant speak english fluently(ı mean as ı speak turkish) And In turkey u cant find one easily whose english is fluent.So ı m talking on net sometimes.It works...and going abroad is absolutely works.then u can see the differences...

have a good days...

May Allah always be with u....
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First of all, thanks a lot for your advice. I do agree with you in most of your stated points. However, I don't think that my problem is a technique issue rather than weak vocab. The reason I am saying this is that I am having difficulty understanding the meaning of text because of the large number of new words to me! So, could it be that I started reading the wrong type of book? Is there certain type of books I should look for to start with?

Thanks again...
Wa-Alaikum Alsalam efsun_42,

As most people around me are speaking Arabic, it is kind of impossible to practice English with anyone. Online audio or video conferencing would help a lot but I always feel shy because I don't know what to say to someone that I don't know. This is in fact one of the reasons I registered in this forum and I hope that I can find someone to chat with.

May Allah bless and take care of you...
It is a bit difficult for us to recommend books for you to read. Firstly they have to be of interest to you. Secondly we can't really guess your level. We have lots of member on this site that go through all the news websites then post questions on the parts they don't understand. This might be more interesting to you as there are subtleties in the language by using a different tense or word that you might find catches your eye.

I'm sure you'll find some people on here that would love to chat with you.
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