My letter writing quality is very poor (General letter & Business letter), How can I improve my writing quality.

With best regards,

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There is no easy way. Read a lot and write a lot.

If you need to write for your job, try to find good sample letters that you can pattern your letters after.

Writing in a foreign language takes time, practice, and patience.

Sorry that there is no easy answer for you.

Dear MountainHiker,

Thanks for your advice; I am trying to spend more time for practicing (read, write and listen) as you advised me. However, I am expecting from you some guidelines on systematic learning that makes me perfect in the English language.

Thanks & regards,
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Bring on the questions, Ashad!
Dear All,

I want to explain my present situation ( Family & Job crisis ) to my friends who is living in other country. How can I explain that.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Ashad,

Please write a sample letter (you can use fictional details if you do not wish to reveal personal matters here) and post it here.

Someone at EnglishForward will correct your letter and give advice.
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Here is sample letter. please correct me.


Dear friend,

Hope you are doing well. I am so-so. Long time you didn’t contact with me. So you don’t know what the present situation I lead life. You know the Job crisis is a big problem in our country, That’s why I facing problem about Job. Day by day increasing our social expenses but do not increasing our Job value. In this situation I also trouble my family expenses. Please suggest me what can I do.

Fine work, Ashad. Here is how I might re-write some of it:

"Dear (name),

I hope you are doing well. I am so-so.

It has been a long time since we have written, so you don’t know what kind of life I have been leading lately. As you know, the job situation is still a big problem in our country, and I am unable to find decent employment. Day by day our living expenses increase, but salaries do not. In this situation I am also a burden on my family's expenses.

Do you have any ideas as to what can I do to improve my situation? I would be grateful for any advice you could offer me.

Thanks and best regards,
Ashad "

You might want to add more personal 'chat' about your daily life, and also send greetings and best wishes to your friend's family.
Dear All,

Thank you very much.
If you allow me, I would like put another letter regarding business.

Thanks and regards,
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