I have hard time writing, so I am practising how to write. Would you mind to edit the following paragraph which is my first practise.

Thank you,


I am sorry to write such ambiguous topic. I am suffering from sriting professionally, and recently, I put myself into the position that I am going to loose my poisition due to the poor writing skill. I hope I can post my writing to be editted, but the contents are confidential. The viewer said the organization was OK. I have not done any writing jobs in the past 8 years and I believe that gives me a hard time to get back on track. I decided to write something general and here I am first. I hope you do not mind to read such message. Thank you for your help in advance.
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iam also having a problem in writing..sometimes i wonder it is because i am just not good at writing or i am having a language problem..can i suggest that we write an essay and let them edit it for us...
i am unable to write in a proper manner
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Welcome, anupsahu. It's not necessary to make multiple posts - we'll see them.

There is lots of advice at this site.

Try posting a message on the make friends and chat pages on this forum. (If you want to find an email penfriend, enter your email address in your personal profile.)
i'm having taugh time with writing . infact ,i couldn't put my finger on the proplem although i'm sure it's not an easy one.style , expanding ideas and where to start a sentence or where to end it are my major fault i guess.so ,what shall i do. thank u any way.
No wonder, judging from your post. How about trying to correct it, as a first step? Let me start you off:

'i'm having taugh time' should read: 'I'm having a tough time'.
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If I were you, I would begin reading some books. Just start with something easy and work your way up.

If you need help with spelling, you can try this website:


It works as a dictionary but also as a thesaurus. In case you don't know what a thesaurus is, it will help you to find words with the same meanings. This will help you to make your writing more interesing.

I hope this helped,



If you are looking for a good fantasy book, try Tamora Pierce's Alanna the First Adventure.

It's a great book about a girl who pretends to be a boy in order to become a knight.

The story takes place in a medieval time with magic.
The reason why I came to this forum is that my English teacher told me that she would give me the hard history class I wanted, but she told me to improve my writing over the summer. By the way, I'm a freshman in High School right now, and I'm taking the hardest classes I can.

My grammar doesn't seem to be the problem, I think the organization of my essays could become better though.

Does anyone know how I can improve my writing?

Thanks in advance.
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