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dear sir,

kindly i just wanna needful going any company for intervew! so please help me introduce my self
I liked your posted mail Emotion: wink


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looks good and ease to useEmotion: smileEmotion: smileEmotion: smileEmotion: smile
I got something from your interview session , its very nice and it would be better if you can include your strength and weekness , whome you want to be in future too.

Thank You


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I'm a student pursuing my computer science engineering, am going to attend an interview in our college for a BPO, can u plz guide me how to introduce myselves
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Thanks Clive....after reaing this format i hope that i will get through the interview..
Hi Friends,

The interviewer will not expect for this type of long indroductuin from candidates, we should indroduce our self by very short sentence.

Many thanks

thank you
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i think ur introduction is too long because in an interview we havonly 3 or 5 min.
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