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Not to offend you but the Interviwer will sleep if you narrate him/her all this. It should be short and sweet.He have your CV with him so you do not have to tell him all this.
u r using "i am seeking an oppurtunity to work with ........ as a engineer".

i think that u should write " as an engineer".
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just awesome
Hi boss ,

My name ias Prem Kumar. In 2003 im done my 10th standard and 2005 im done my 12th standard. In 2007 i cmplete the additional qualification of dca (Diplomo in computer application).
As a assistant supervisor and also a system operator, i have 1 year experience in flyjac logictics and other one year experience in icebeg ice creams as a billing machine operator and also account assistant.

I have two brothers. elder brother done is MBA and now he is doing bussiness. younger brother is doing MSW in St.Joseph College.

ny hobby is playing music and singing songs and listening music.

please tel me how to im introduce myself to the job interview ??????????

Yours Faithfully
B.Prem Kumar
Mr. Prem,

Its quit interesting Query! may be your two brothers have good answer to you. Any way let me share something to your humble submission. Interview - enter and view, so introdution in interview it’s like a presentation of Dimensional view of you not optical views , users can generate multidimensional reports that analyze different aspects of you. So you have to decide accordingly, from where you are going to start your introduction about yourself for what position…..
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Oh! my god"""

I think that's the bigest problem.
As u stressed more in your education part , i feel there is a need to tell more about your previous work experience and what better u perform when u get an opportunity to work at this company and how would you prove yourself as an Important asset to the company
i feel we dont get so much time to express all your educational /Qualification n professional background in detail
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its good and it is very helpful to pupil to attend intrerviews

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