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hello firstly salutation
secondly describe about your self such as your name, age, from, the sibling number,
thirdly your qualification eg; master/degree/diploma/certificate, starting from secondary school until the highers qualification.
fourthly your working experience_ your practical training also can consider as a working experience
lastly your strangeness and weakness, try to find the proper word for weakness, some time others describe a weakness very detail so this give a negative first impression. maybe the result for interview will negative.

ok thanks...........
Thank you very much for your Best quote... It was really useful for me.

Sincerely yours Fazlullah Muradi
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its an interview in my company for a chance to work in one of its outside branches for few years and come back to the base.
first give ur personal information and official information. you should be very confident about ur answers as they see that how u present urself.
i agree.. introduction has to be in a few sentences and not an essay!
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Thank u so much for guide