Hello Everyone. Two questions.

1. What would be a good lead in for a Reported Speech Class?
2. What is the 'use' for reported speech? (apart from rerporting conversation) could it also me used to confirm information?
e.g. Did he say he wanted to ski or wanted to see?

Thanks !
Hi kid creole

i'm sorry but I don't understand your question quite well, especially the example. Besides, to which level would you like to introduce reported speech ? For what purposes ?

All the best

Thank you for the reply Vance.

What I meant was that all grammar tenses have reasons to be used. Introducing the past continuous tense, for instance, is a sinch; I could just students 5 things I my family was doing upon my arrival yesterday and elicit a similar example from my studetns, and work my way up.
But with relative clause, I wouldn't know how exactly to make them aware of the USE of the reported speech. (the past continuous: to explain ongoing activities in the past, usually interupted by another event)

How woudl I explain my studente the USE of the reported speech? How can create a context to introduce the structure?