Is my pronunciation and speaking clear enough? please this for me , I really appreciate with you



It isn't very easy to understand. I listened to it two or three times and in the end I think I got nearly all of it, but it's quite hard work. Some words are completely mispronounced and have to be guessed. There are one or two grammar errors. If this was played on British TV, they would rate it too hard for natives to understand and give it subtitles.

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Can you show me what is the words that i have mistakes

Điều Nguyễn

Can you show me what is the words that i have mistakes

Did you intend to post the transcript of your recording? If so, I think you posted the wrong one.

sorry , this is my mistake

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There are a number of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in the transcript. Since you are asking primarily about pronunciation I won't go through and correct them all, but please note these simple rules:

  • Every sentence must begin with a capital letter.
  • The word "I" must always be capitalised. "i" is always wrong.
  • There should be a space after each comma or full stop, but no space before.

The first sentence, which is not in your transcript, sounds to me like "Impressed story that you heard from ??? other peoples". This is not correct English, but, as far as pronunciation is concerned, "from" sounds more like "form", you make a sound after "from" which I can't interpret, and then you say "peoples" which seems to be an error for "people".

Some pronunciation problems in the rest of the text are:

  • "that I heard" sounds like "gat I hud".
  • "a few day agos" should be "a few days ago" (maybe this is more a grammar error than a pronunciation error).
  • "it is (a) talk about" is not intelligible at all. It sounds like "ist e abou".
  • "who is" is not articulated properly.
  • "to kick off" is hard for me to understand.
  • "was" sounds like "wers".
  • You say "dow" rather than "down".
  • "great" sounds like "ret".
  • You add an unwanted consonant sound at the end of "motivation".
  • "narrated" sounds like "narratus".
  • You seem to say "leap" instead of "lead".
  • You say "rise" instead of "raised".
  • You say "he's ones" instead of what I assume should be "he once".
  • You say "er offer" instead of "an offer".
  • The first syllable of "Cambridge" should rhyme with "same", not "ham".
  • Before "he used to flop", you say something not in the transcript that sounds like "you knows". My guess is that it should be "you know".
  • "flop" sounds more like "flout".
  • You say "passions" whereas the text reads "passion". In this case "passions" would not actually be incorrect, but this may be another case of your adding "s" or other non-existent consonant sounds to the ends of words.
  • There is a sentence missing from the transcript after "passion", and the final sentence is also missing from the transcript.