//In 1997, My village was announced a high security area by Srilankan army. Then, after the peace talk in 2003 they allowed to visit my village. Once Sunday, my fathers decided to go to our house. I remembered back about my house, friends and neighborhood so on. That Sunday waked up early and went to our house. While we reached our house, we were shocked by saw our broken house. Then, I looked at my room and own stuff. But, there had been everything destroyed. After that I went to backyard with my brother. There were so many mangos on the tree. My brother picked some mangos and share with us. We were talking and eating on yard. At the time, I felt some one was licking on my back. I turned and looked, there was an ugly dog. When I watch, the dog was shaking head and tail. But, I couldn't identify the dog. Then I guessed, the dog was my pet "tiger". Then I called "tiger" the dog felt happy and surround me. Then we left from my village with my tiger.//

could u tell me how i use , the dog look at me love with the loyal

u know after long time we see the dog action i try to say that please help me

advance thanks
The dog was wagging his tail and shaking with excitement.

Great story!

Best wishes, - A.
thanks a lot