I don't know how is write a paragraph. but try a paragraph.

could tell me this is correct.


I have a small , lovely and beautiful family. because , I enjoy with my family. When we planed to go out, we go together; me and my siblings played cricket and chess, some time dad join with me. Secondly They always helped me ; my father and brother tough me and helped to do school home work. my mom cooked and washed my cloths. Finally, They protected and took care me. They didn't allow to go any where by myself (alone); any one might come with me. When i went to school my dad trop and pickup me, and he advised me how to choose a friend and how to behave with teachers relatives and naiberhood. what ever now , I'm alone in canada. I really missed them. I hope, They always wish me to be healthy and successful.
Hi siva,

A paragraph contains sentences that are connected in meaning.

Each sentence should start with a capital letter, and each should end with a period, which goes immediately after the last word. Don't leave a space.

This sounds like you want to write a paragraph about missing your home. You could start the paragraph by saying something like "I live in Canada, but there are times when I miss my family and home in India." Then the supporting sentences provide details about what you miss.
thanks geek