Yesterday my friend told me he got fever with 103 degree.

Now I want to call him and ask about his fever, how to ask the same.

Here are my variations :

(1) How is your fever?

(2) How are you with your fever?


(3) How is your small pox?

Please help me with the same.
How are you feeling? Do you still have a fever?

Gary, do you realize that small pox is a deadly disease? It's hardly the type of thing you ask about casually. If someone has a very serious illness, you don't expect it clear up in a couple days. You don't need to even mention what the disease is - the person will certainly remember what it is they have. "How are you feeling these days?" "How are you doing?"
Not only that., but it is currently eradicated so you will be most unlikely to have a friend with smallpox Emotion: surprise
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can you please help me in asking in any other way, if you can please help me list out he ways to ask
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Today am feeling better
How about your fever?
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He’s fine doctor told that the report is okay now he is out of danger thanks for asking pray for him