Hi All,

I would like to learn a good accent, improve pronounciation. Especially American pronounciation.

Pls tell me if there are good resources for this.

Any URL, Software and Tools would help me.

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A great site that will surely help you improve your American accent is www.englishbaby.com. Click in its Student Community for a different lesson each working day in these topics: Music, Eavesdropping, Movies, Slang and Real Life. Lessons are packed with slang and colloquial words and expressions and most of them offer audio. It's the best website I came across to learn the way regular people speak nowadays in the US.
excellent website, daily listening, not filled with tons of stuff, not less Emotion: smile
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U can go to ann cook.com and also log on to merriam webster pronouncing dictionary to listen to pronunciations of words.
have fun learning.
gayathri, India
Watching Family Album U.S.A will help you a lot. If you can not find it ,just watching FRIENDS, (soap ^^)that's all right.

to learn the pronounciaton in standard american accent you can visit the site www.americanaccent.com, here you will get more information about ways to pronounce standard american accent.

Happy learning !
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I listen to http://www.npr.org or National Public Radio. A good portion of their programming is dedicated to U.S. culture, education, and language. Loads of fun [;)]. Another way is to read U.S. newspapers like www.nytimes.com. If you register they will send it free to you every day.

Try American English Pronunciation Patterns at http://www.pronunciationpatterns.com/download.html . The demo is free and it has many great American English pronunciation and accent reduction tips.
need to learn americian accent for Tittanic the Musicial

Can you help?
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