when learned English in middle school , I found it interesting , so I paid more attention to it ,as a result , I always got high scores. But the story was not end .at that time ,I was so proud of myself that I didn’t work hard just like I did beford , so in the end , I suffered a lot in my grammer .later I want to learn to it myself , but it’s so boring that a few days later I can’t learn it any more .could sb help me ?tell me how to learn English grammer well ,and what’ the difference between the past tense and the -ing form used in a sentence ? those problems usually confuse me . thank you for responding me !
you need to get a grammar book and read it. Not an English-Chinese grammar though... you should read something like "English Grammar in Use" by Cambridge University Press, for example. Then you can read the threads in this forum, and practice a lot (writing, reading, listening, speaking). It takes time, but if you like it, it's worth it. Emotion: smile
Learning English is one thing but mastering it means much more. Based on your post, there are several areas which need to be improved. Aside from proper grammar and tenses, capitalization, space, punctunation, and tone are areas you need to pay attention to when you write. Results will depen on the amount of practice and exposure. Write and practice spoken English as much as you can and don't worry about how others may tease your mistakes. That's a part of learning. If they don't understand; that's too bad!. No pain, no gain! When one's written English is well established, his spoken English then will soon follow. Well-learned English should sound natural.That's my advice to you.