I know reading book is a choice,but I should check the words more and more times.It is trouble and reduces the interest in reading.Do you have some alternative ways to enhance my vocabulary building?or let me learn vocab through reading book more interesting?Please give me some advices.Thx.
Hello Ray,

There is no necessity for you to read any particular kind of reading material or use your dictionary constantly. Read anything that interests you-- sports magazines, comic books, newspapers. Sometimes you will need your dictionary, but try to let the context show the meanings to you. Keep reading-- if you don't understand all of it, that's OK.
I read magazines and underline the words I don't know.
Then I read several more on the same topic.
Afterwards I go back and see which of those words I now understand.
You can pick up on words just through the context.
Then if there are words I still don't know...then I go look in the dictionary.
Hope that helps. I do this to learn Portuguese by the way.
But you can use it for any language. Emotion: wink
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Read books, magazines and articles on as many topics as you can. By reading about topics that interest you as well as branching out into subjects you are not currently familiar with, you will come across new words that you may not have seen before. This makes the learning process much more entertaining and will often give away the meaning of a word just by seeing how it is used in the context of a sentence or paragraph. The more you read, the more your vocabulary will increase day by day.


Write down any words you do not understand in a notebook and set it aside.


Look up the meaning of the words you wrote down by searching for them in a dictionary.


Write a couple of sentences for every new word you have learned. By using the words yourself in new sentences that you create, you will further reinforce the meaning of the words in your mind. This makes them easier to remember over time.


Check your work over with a teacher, parent or an expert in the field of English to see if you used the words properly in your sentences. This will allow you to correct any misunderstandings about the meaning of a word.


Study all your new words consistently and start using them in your day-to-day conversations. The more you use new vocabulary that you have learned, the better your command of English will be overall.
A good place to build vocabulary Emotion: smile

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Technology plays a great role in learning.

Link 1 : Vocabulary improving tips.
Link 2 : Books to improve vocabulary.
Link 3 : Cambridge Dictionary and Blog .
Link 4 : Vocabulary Quizzes

One of the best available online dictionaries effective in improving your vocabulary is vocabulary.com. They have simplest definition which starts with examples and moreover you can arrange the words you are learning in a list then play the challenge which brings back the words into active memory. Then they have assortment of blog posts which will help you learn new words.

You can't master a word by only learning the definition you must also be familiar with its use. So sentence examples list can help you.

If English is not your native language then word translations into your native tongue can help you make a pattern for that word in your brain. Try to use the words you learnt in your writings,conversations. To be proficient in something you have to think it or think in it. So if you think in your native language from now on think in English. In that way you can practice English without anyone present to help you initiate a conversation.

English language vocabulary is not only about words you have to learn phrases ,proverbs,idioms etc too.

As an exercise you can pick up a novel and make lists of not familiar words you encounter and practice on them.

Don't go blind learning every random word in the dictionary, learn the common ones.

Smart-phones can prove to be most useful tools in mastering a word. So install the apps that suits your learning style. Right time to use smart-phones to learn words is while travelling. If you don't have a smart-phone print the list of words,then you can use the hard copy while you don't have access to your computer.

At the end of the day do remember practice makes you perfect.
You could also try learning English the fun way. There are a lot of Android applications available which can provide fun and knowledge at the same time. Using these apps is a fun way to learn English.

For eg, try this one : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sathuthespark.hangman

This Android game has a category dedicated solely for Vocabulary, with Hints(meaning of the word) and descriptions(usage of the word).

These could be a fun way to learn English vocabulary !!!

Well learnings vocabulary is multi dimensional. I mean you must learn pronunciation, spelling and meaning. Here is a website to learn English vocabulary with pictures, pronunciation, games, puzzles, quizzes and Flashcards.

https://www.english-learn-online.com /

By the way. If you don't know a word just double click on it to learn the meaning.

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