I live in America but I REALLY wanna audition for a Harry Potter movie, so of course i need a Bristish accent. any ides, tips, or that type of stuff?
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Hi Guest,
There are some audios that teach you a British accent. You can go to a bookshop, I guess, for more information on the name of the CDs/ tapes, ..... I'm positive you'll find something.
Good luck,
Or you could write to the producers and tell them that Hogwarts must surely have some non-English students!!! Emotion: wink Maybe you could be on an exchange visit to the school.
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I liked the idea Abbie. I do not remember the name of the young actor in the AI, The Sixth Scense, Bogus, Pay it Forward, Halley something! I love his acting, he's really someone special, with special talents. He was supposed to play Hary Potter when Spilberg was due to direct the series. Though I admire him, but I can't imagine an American speaking Hary, Can you?
No,no! Harry is English, and must remain so.
I don't know how much good learning a British accent would do you. The makers of the Harry Potter films are contractually obligated to cast only British actors per J.K. Rowling's wishes.
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I’ve always been fond of British accent and you wouldn’t know how glad I was to find out that I’m not alone in this issue!! Actually, learning British accent certainly won’t do you any good, of course. I guess it’s the matter of… liking it or not. I really like the way Londoners speak…

Really, I can’t imagine Harry speaking American accent, though American accent has its own beauty. Daniel Radcliffe’s acting skill has to be improved, but I’m glad that they found a Londoner for the role. Anyway, I must admit that Haley Joel Osment’s a talented actor, I would like to see him becoming a famous film star.

Please e-mail me at <removed mod>if you have any information about learning the accent, and please use ‘British Accent’ as the subject.
Search from Google for: "Bbc Radio" and choose one of their programmes... You can have fun while improving your accent... Emotion: stick out tongue
or listen james blunt songs:P he he
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