I've got some confusion regarding the use of "less" in this contexts (not sure that they're ok)

"there are two eggs less in the fridge!" (the last time I checked, there were two more eggs)
"If I had ten years less, you wouldn't beat me" (If I was ten years younger, you wouldn't beat me)
"we have two server less, because they broke down" (two server broke down, so we can't use them)
"another trickster less" (maybe a triskster has been arrested)

can I use "less" as in the previous constructions? For example, I'm sure that the second example is not really correct (I would rather use the one inside the brackets...): just to explain the concept.

Thank you!
Well actually, Zeppe, I am very prescriptive on this point: I would use fewer:

There are two fewer eggs in the fridge!
If I were ten years younger, you wouldn't beat me
-- fewer is not normal here
We have two fewer servers, because they broke down.
One fewer trickster.

I have an idea that others will have something to say about this, however.
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There is an interesting usage note here:

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Thank you everybody, I think I've got it a little bit better now!
I've just come back from a T**** Extra (those from the UK know what I'm talking about -- it's a large supermarket), where a sign says '10 items or less' Emotion: smile

I know it should be '10 items or fewer,' but it's very, very common!
Tanit, when the local supermarket switched from "Express Lane: 10 items or less" to "1o items or fewer" I was so excited I actually gushed to the poor girl behind the register. She looked like she though perhaps it was my "day out" from the local lunatic asylum. (Not that we have one, but I think she thought I belonged in one. The guy I was with didn't see it as a big deal. Of course I broke up with him.)
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Grammar GeekThe guy I was with didn't see it as a big deal. Of course I broke up with him.

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I didn't know grammar was a good reason to end a relationship ... Emotion: big smile