Hi everyone

I have lived in New Zealand (native country), England (where I was brought up), Thailand (working) and South Korea (studying). Each experience was very different and some where harder than others and some were just great fun.

I would always recommend that people study or travel abroad if they have the opportunity but we all know that sometimes it can be hard. I think it might be a good idea for people to post suggestions how to make living in a different country easier.

What preparation can you do? How can you avoid problems? What to do if you have a problem? How should you behave in different countries?

Hopefully this will help other people in the future.
Why dont you start by telling us about your experience and we will be right behind you !
Hi Luvlanguages,
LuvlanguagesWhat preparation can you do? How can you avoid problems? What to do if you have a problem? How should you behave in different countries?
You are asking so many things! Emotion: smile We could write an entire book for every question you asked there. I think the only thing you need is to know at least how to express yourself in the country you are moving to, one way or another, that is, knowing at least a little about the language in that country.
I know of many people who moved to a foreign country without even knowing a single word in the language of that country... THAT will probably have been a great problem! Emotion: smile
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
I found that the language was less of a problem than cultural differences. When I first got to Thailand I knew nothing of the language or country (due to visa issues in South Korea I had to change country at the last minute) but because I clicked with the people it was easier to understand them.

I would say one of the best things you could do is get to know at least a little of the language, culture and also try to make some friends wherever you are going before you get there. Use forums like these to meet people and websites for language exchanges to meet people. Then once you arrive it will be a little easier.

I also found that trying to get as involved as possible in the community as soon as possible is very helpful. Perhaps you could offer to teach your language or join some local sports clubs. It is very hard at first when you are just starting but it pays off in the long run.

And no matter how much you think you are not progressing with the language YOU ARE, trust me. Just keep studying and you will get better and better. Get out on the streets and talk to strangers, you'll be suprised how happy people are to help you learn (although this depends on the location, people in big cities are less likely to help but try anyway).