A new hotel containing 100 rooms, Tom was hired to paint the numbers 1-100 on the doors. How many times will Tim have to paint the number 8?


What does this have to do with grammar and sentence construction?

You want the 'jokes, fun and riddles" forum.


This is a grammar forum, not a mathematics forum.

Ten 8s, one for each group of ten numbers.
Ten 8s, one for each number from 80-89.

Answer 20.

Do you have a different answer?

For example, maybe Tom hires someone else to do the painting, so Tom paints no numbers at all?

How many other scenarios can you come up with that result in different answers to your question? Let's see them.

Did you purposely write Tom in one place and Tim in another to trick the reader? Or was that a mistake?


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BillJjokes, fun and riddles

Actually it's "Word Play, Riddles, and Puzzles".

Somebody once told me that posts get lost if you move them to Jokes, Fun, and Riddles. It's some sort of glitch in the system I guess.


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Ah, I see.