I am writing a piece and need to know whether the use of dots is correct or whether their should be just the three. PLEASE let me know ASAP if you can help.

Many thanks

"Time is running out... ... things are really hotting up as there are only 5 weeks to "
I would say it depends on the context of your piece and what kind of reader reaction you're hoping to invoke. Is it a promotional piece (advertisement) or something writen in a business letter? I think a simple period is sufficient, but "..." could also work. Stay away from the six dots.

BTW -- The word "hotting" should be "heating"; I don't know it that's a posting error or an error in the actual piece.
"Time is running out.. Things are really hotting up as there are only 5 weeks to"

Would be better (the extra three are pointless). However, It TOTALLY depends on what you're writing this for (a flyer, a poster, a TV ad?) as sometimes you shouldn't even use those two dots..
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If you are going for an informal feeling, the three dots are fine. Six would be overdoing it a bit! Also "hotting up" is fine too. It's very informal, and sounds much better than "heating up" in the context that Guest is talking about.

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Its for an Email blast - that's the only reason why I think it may be OK. That and the fact it is on two lines. What do you think? I don't think it is right but my copy writer does. Perhaps I am just old fashioned! Thanks,
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I would agree with you and keep the dots to a minimum (else it looks cheap!).

Don't do the "... ..." thing though, nooooo wayyyyyy!!!!!
Thing is, what is the actual correct way to write it? Tradtionally?
Traditionally? One full stop, but lately people started using a couple to suggest 'leading'..
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CHEAP!....ha ha ha ha.....LOL......I use the dots a lot.......ha ha ha....Emotion: smile

You're right though, in more formal things (business style), keep the dots to a minimum.
The dots are more for suspensive narration.

Until soon.........byeEmotion: wink
I'm sorry about that WW, ya cheap skint!Emotion: wink
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