The facts are pretty simple: we have floods and drought, bird flue, pollution, global warming, deforestation, terrorism and nuclear weapons, starving, overpopulation and ...the list is still open. Besides that, we will finish our reserves of oil, natural gases and coal very- very soon.

In tiny countries like mine, a general and very popular opinion is "They have a solution for that!” "They" is a very vague term, but most often it refers to USA.

Well, my dears, WAKE UP! "They" don't have a solution and there is no any magical way to solve these problems.

So... How many years until THE END?
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I don't know..but as some soureces said: these are the last days! is referred to life on earth..It's really frightening!! Emotion: sadEmotion: sad

I think that they should take care about environment (what about Kyoto?!),other sources of energy,and concentrate on those things that are really important,our health and happiness,to build a better future for the next generations,etc,but I even think that they'll continue to do their own interests,to care only about how to have more power and how to make more money.

Finally,as far as I am concerned they'll understand the importance of life,environment,love,brotherhood,etc when it'll be too late.That's all.. Emotion: star
Im just waiting for the "big one" from the space anyday nowEmotion: smile
Unfortunately, we, humans, wont be able to destroy this cherished Tellus. A big meteorite or asteroid will do it for us.
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"I think that they should take care about environment (what about Kyoto?!)"

Nyla, just two short comments about Kyoto.

1.This protocol is an agreement between the parts who signed it, a commitment to decrease emissions of greenhouse gases by 5,2% compared to 1990 level. Well... at that time (in 1990) my "beautiful" country, Romania, had a lot of the old industrial monsters (created by the awful socialist economy in more than 40 years) still in function.
Of course, as now we have a market economy, they are piece of history (they were closed, first of all - because these colossuses were not economically feasible). Therefore, somehow against our wishes, we reduced the greenhouse gases by more than 5,2% compared to 1990.

"Very nice form you!", you could say.

Well, no... because there is a stupid "pollution units" thingy that we could sell. Believe it or not, WE'VE SOLD OUR RIGHT TO POLLUTE THE EARTH TO HOLLAND (2 billion Euros, good business!) And it's not illegal, it's an open market - countries buy and sell just like on any other market.

2.Was never ratified by the USA.
2. Was never ratified by the USA.

Don't tell me! Emotion: indifferent (It is irony!) Frankly,one day they'll understand their political/social/environmental mistakes.. Emotion: indifferent

Believe it or not, WE'VE SOLD OUR RIGHT TO POLLUTE THE EARTH TO HOLLAND (2 billion Euros, good business!) And it's not illegal, it's an open market - countries buy and sell just like on any other market.

Don't tell me! Emotion: sad (It's not irony now!) I didn't know about your country situation,it is really bad! Emotion: sad
I think that day is not far away. Increase of population which is related with destroying forests, increase of factories.and conveyances and many other things that create environmental polution and global warming .People are not concious or aware of these things.We ourselves are pushing the world towards destruction
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The problem with the topic of "The End" is that unfortunately people have been predicting "The End" for thousands, of years. seems to have a fair selection of materials on End Times - though I suspect they are hoping you'll get your orders to them pretty soon Emotion: smile

Fascination with "The End" is an interesting psychological phenomenon and worthy of some study. Richard Abanes' End Times Visions: The Road to Armageddon is worth taking out of the library. He looks at lots of different predictions of End Times, all of which have proved to be spectacularly wrong - evidenced by the fact that we are still here.

Anyone who sincerely believes that "The End" is imminent should feel free to contact me personally and send me their worldy goods as quickly as possible. This will ensure that you will not die as "a rich man" and find it hard to enter "the Kingdom of God." I will take that burden of wealth upon myself and sacrifice MY eternity for yours. [A]
Siggy,I am sorry that I am not hopeless to that extent about my life.So I can't deliver all my worldly goods to you(and the amount it too tivial to transferEmotion: wink)but I assure you that my great grand children will do it for your great grand childrenEmotion: stick out tongue
Siggy, I'm not talking about Armagedon, about religious predictions of The End, fire dragons, Harry Potter or any other conspiration theory they could imagine. I don't read to much here, don't watch to many movies, and maybe I don't believe in God as much as you do it , so there is a chance that I'm not biassed by all this Emotion: stick out tongue.

But I'm just talking about the facts: pollution, global warming, so on and so forth. We can see them - their efects are pretty visible.

It's up to us, Siggy!We can destroy the Earth, we are just on the right way now! Emotion: big smile
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