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Have you ever heard that…

Nigeria has the happiest people in the worldEmotion: surprise ( in spite of the fact that it suffers from poverty and famine) In Romania ,on the contrary, most population are unhappy!!! (According to statistics done in 2003) What makes people of Nigeria happyEmotion: thinking??

Also 50% of the people in the West think that happiness relies on being rich, healthy and having more holidays (I mostly agree with the last oneEmotion: big smile)

Anyway, I believe this question differs from person to another according to his/her culture and the way he/she is raised up ..

What makes you happy? that's my question.

To me,

1. leading a very good spiritual life. ( your meaning of life)Emotion: big smile

2. consequently, having that inner peace of oneself. (it's within you)[H]

3. Convincing yourself with everything happened to you doesn't make you happy but rather striving for a clear purpose.[Y]

4. Good relation with people, particularly FAMILY.[K][L]

4. Feeling full after being hungry for a long time ( I cant overlook this)Emotion: wink

Oh my list prolongs Emotion: stick out tongue… that's enough though I have 1000 reasons for happiness every day.

P.S Seeing replies to my post definitely makes me HAPPY.Emotion: big smile
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walking under the rain with one whom i like very much Emotion: hmm oh, dont touch me today. i am pretty sensitive,right now Emotion: smile
When someone says some really nice words to you (friend, family or boyfriend Emotion: wink) and when the weather outside is as wonderful as it is here at the moment: so wonderful warm and sunny!!!
And sometimes I am happy without a cause!!!
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I don't think Lemoncookie that without cause you are happy. It's your lovely and bright look at life. It's something pretty within you. May be just being alive (breathing, eating, playing, doing anything human being can do) is enough to be happy all the time.

what do you think??Emotion: money
I don't measure it.I feel it. [F]

There are many things that make me happy:my family,my best friend,love,to win a table tennis match vs my cousin,polite people,swimming,cartoons,a new flower that grows in my garden,to watch the snow that falls in winter,a sunny spring day,the perfumes of summer,and the autumn colours..I can say that little things make me happy.. Emotion: star
Hi to everybody!This is my first post.Emotion: wink

what makes people happy? I think that people are waiting very big, important things to be happy but little thinks make them happy. for example if I manage to do something difficult, this makes me very happy but of course there are very important things for happiness peace, healty, having good friends, family, love etc..
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Welcome at the EF Mece!I hope you'll enjoy your time here!Emotion: big smile
I think the most happiness life that a one can live is when he has food for his day and peace for his life and a God to thank.

Well, I think that it's the "small things" that really makes you happy. I mean, having clean water, enough food everyday, etc., is of course some basic elements. However, if you don't have those things you can manage to be happy anyway. I think it's a question on what you were brought up with in these cases.

What I believe makes us all truly happy is love and to be loved, friends, talking, to feel appreciated, our feelings etc. Those things can so easily make you smile (at least it makes me smile!)
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