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Hey guys, looks like you've already figured it all out, but I just want to add my two cents to make everything crystal clear.

Whether you're registered or not, you can access "Who is online" information from three different places.

On our Home page , click "Who is online now?" link at the right side of the page, under "Shortcuts".

On ANY page, click See who is online now link in the footer (the dark blue area at the bottom of the page).

On our Forum page , check "Who is online" data at the bottom of the page. Moreover, this is the place where you can see what mods and admins are online. Admins will appear in bold red font, moderators - in bold blue.

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Welcome to English Forums, wys. Thanks for joining us![<:o)]

We used to have that feature on the home page, but I haven't seen it for a year or two. It also used to list the moderators who were on duty. Personally, I miss those features.

If I find out why they stopped it, I'll let you know.

Best wishes, - A.
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It's still on the home page, Avangi. On the lower right, listed under 'Shortcuts'.
Thanks, Anon! I appreciate that!Emotion: smile Emotion: beer
A little strange.

For Non-members it is listed as 'Who's on-line' under 'Shortcuts' at the lower right of the homepage.

For registered Members, go to the extreme bottom of the homepage, into the dark blue section, and on the right side, click on 'See who's on line now'.
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I got it. Thanks a lot!!
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Wow! Maybe I'm gettin' to old for this stuff! Emotion: surprise

Thanks, Ruslana.
Edit. I found the Home page one earlier, and I just found the Forum page one. Thanks for that. That one's a big help!

But I don't have anything in any of the very bottom blue sections. Emotion: crying
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AvangiBut I don't have anything in any of the very bottom blue sections.

What browser do you use?
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