Which of the following two sentences is correct?

1. How many meters in a kilometer?

2. How many meters are there in a kilometer?
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I woukd really like to help you but I'm running into the same trouble!!! Oops!
Number two is right. I think!!!!
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Re: How many meters (are there) in a kilometer?
Grammar Geek
How many meteres are in a kilometer? (meters - definitely a typo)

There are 1000 meteres in a kilometer.

How many metres are there in a kilometre? (In BrE, it should be 'metres' and 'kilometre'.)
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100, i have no idea i really need help
I think we have already firmly established that there are 1000 meters in one kilometer.

By the way, you can get this type of information from a dictionary: Emotion: wink

I think that the second one is the right one be cause the first one is not considered as a complete sentence.
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Number 1 is correct
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