Dear Admission Board Members,

The purpose of this letter is supply basic information about me, my education and my future academic interests and plans, since I would like to apply for a PhD program in Electronics, Telecommunication and Information Technologies Engineering.

My name is Sxxxx, presently pursuing Master’s in Electronic Engineering at University of xxxx and I expect to graduate very soon. From days of my bachelors Electronics as a field of Engineering has been close to me with courses such as Electronic Devices and Circuits, Electronic Circuit Analysis, Digital Circuits and programming courses in VHDL and Verilog HDL has made me more acquainted with knowledge required to succeed in the field of electronics. Nanotechnology workshops at xxxx and xxxx helped me understand the challenges and opportunities in the field of Nano-Electronics. This has been the impetus for my decision to apply for Master’s program in Electronic Engineering at the University of xxxx. During my masters, courses such as Solid State Electronics and Solid State Physics Chemistry have provided me with in-depth knowledge of the principles, formulations and the thought process required to understand and solve the problems pertaining. Courses such as Nano-Electronics: a bottom-up approach, Organic Electronics on edx and Nanotechnology and Nano sensors course on coursera have further familiarized me with the knowledge required to succeed as a researcher in the field of electronics.

A PhD in this field followed by an intensive Postdoctoral research will assist me in achieving my goal to be a research scientist at IBM research labs in the field of solid state devices. I am aware the dedication and perseverance that is required to be a successful researcher and I am fully committed for the same. I think this program is a great opportunity for me to demonstrate and acquire new skills. So I hope to be selected for the position. Thank you for considering my application.



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