Television and movies contains various kinds of contents in their category.Some people weap watching miserable drama;others laugh watching comedy.However,If I had to explaine influence of those on people,I would say that it would be split into roughly two groups:good and bad aspects.
My primary reason is that Television and movies have cultural and moral influence on people who is children,college students and scholar.One example of this is that differing from animal,existance of human being has high intellect.Facing unfamiliar things, we consider why these are so or what these are.Television offers audience the chance to think about system of things.Also,movie develops our progress to consider things morally.Movies based on historical event such as war movie tend to be shooted because of trigger of regret in the past.Watching an anti-war movie a person would
understand terror of war and rethink what war should be.
Another reason is that television has the aspect that disturbs society through broadcast of undesireble contents socially.For example,in television and movies scenes involving murder and pornography are easily broadcast.In certain drama of television,a famous actor was killed by someone,and in another drama program,appearing normally,he was killed again;in other words,murder in a row in fiction is taken for granted.This event in fiction may cause people to justify violence or murder psychologically. Broadcast of such program daytime can't be good environment to chidren watching those.Human tend to pretend to act characters or things in television,so that there is no doubt that it's not educational,let alone children.
Therefore,I think that television or movies has both goood and bad influences on us.As I see it,Television and movies are implements helping people who want to progress culturally;At the same time,those,however,may come to be the one of the cause disturbing our peaceful society.
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 There are child block settings on your T.V. that can prevent kids and minors from watching shows that are bad for them.  Thus I conclude that the bad influence that T.V. has can be lessened by the technology that we have today.  T.V. has more of a good influence!
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hehehe...great notes!!, I agree with you
Move and television influence our life

Today , almost all the family have a television and almost every people has gone to a movie theatre to see a film. Many people say that they can not live without TV, so, how TV and movie influence our life?

First , people now use television and movie for relaxing after a day`s work instant of playing family games , taking a walk , talking about what happened and visiting a friend ,which makes our life more and more lonely . For one thing ,taday more and more people just stay in their house watching TV after work or school that they don`t know their neighbor`s name.

Secondly ,TV and movie keep us updated and keep in touch with the world that we can not touch, tell us what is happening in the opposite side of our planet . today,wo almost know all the famous people around the world ,but we don`t know them in fact ,we just see them in TV.

thank you Nik that was good info to copy and paste
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There are many advantage and disadvantage of movies or television watching. Watching TV is one of most important thing that everybody do daily. There are many programs and channels in television cause people in any age watch them.
Children watch cartoon and adults watch movies and old-people can watch horror films or family films.
One of advantages of watching television is the people's information about word can be updated by watching news, also people can know about important things occur around the world. For children who don't go to school, watching educational program or cartoons teach basic education for them such as alphabet, color and also teach good behavior such as being honest , respecting to parents, etc. Also watching television or going to movie in the weekend is good opportunity for family members who can't spend enough time during the week together.Family members can gather and watch television together.
In contrast, watching television every day can cause the people get alone. For example, when somebody comeback home and want to watch TV instead of going to neighbor'home or talking with friend, it cause the bad effect.
Also there are some horror and criminal movies which has negative effect on people. After watching these movies, some behavior such as stealing, tattling, bothering other people get common. For adults who watch horror film, maybe they can't sleep or scare in the dark room.
Finally,effect of watching television or movies depend on people'behavior, for come people can be useful and for some people can be harmful. Also parents are responsible for children to watch just beneficial programs.
Movies or Television have certainly a high impact on the society.Over the years, the television has integrated with all kinds of people, either rich or poor. A television is one device which we can find in every house. In the current era, we cannot imagine a life without a television. However, the question is whether it is creating a good or bad impact on human kind.
Certainly there are equally positive and negative impact on the society.

As movies are seen visually, the messages through the movies are easy to show case.For example, if there is a particular problem in a society which needs immediate attention throughout the world, one can create documentaries. A five minute video would reach the people faster, than any other source.

However, the truth is the media is more towards money making. Anything and everything is portrayed through movies. For example, family certified movies are highly violent.Young children and teenagers are exploited with this modern machine.
More younger kids are glued to the television, they failed to remember the value of playing with friend.

As said and discussed, movies or television can have good and bad impact . Adults should ensure that the younger generation get the right information.
thank you "anonymous-es"(plural) for all the notes....
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