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i was just reading about the post dealing with the differences between cultures, and noticed that somebody told about cristobal colon, as the man who discovered America.

I'm from Italy, so it sounds a bit strange to me. You know, that man was italian, from Genova, and his name was Cristoforo Colombo.

I thought that could be interesting - noticing that every great man in history has a different name for each language, and this same things happen also for common names - compare how names can variate from a language to other..

P.S.: by the way, Cristoforo in Cristopher in english, and it comes by the greek "the one who carries Christ"; Colombo in italian stands for "pidgeon"..yes, the bird ^^ 
Your PS is very interesting, Mr Clean-- thank you.
His name can be express in 26 Roma characters though the spelling is different. But for the figures of Asia, even the characters are different, they can only give the name of the West by the pronunciation. Do you think about it? BTW, I am from China.
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It seems that names in west and east may vary in interesting ways.

As far as I know, people in west countries, Europe and north America, tend to use the names from the Bible or Greek and Roman tales. I am not sure if it is true or not. But in China, given names can be made up by any Chinese character with good meanings. My given name is "ming" which has two meanings. "Brightness" and "With wisdom to understand things thoroughly". Usually, boys are given names with meanings of brave, courage, steady, wisdom, broad, great, healthy, ambitious, etc. Girls are usually given names with meanings of beauty, slender, elegant, conformity, harmony and flowers. Chinese leader in WWII, Mr Chiang KaiShek's name, has the meaning of "As steady as rock, self-discipline as rock", Chairman Mao TseTong's name has the meaning of "Blessing the east".
You wrote such an interesting post. It would be interesting to know how your name sounds in Chineese. As for Russia, most of people don't think about meanings of names when they give them to their children.
Mr.CleanYou know, that man was italian, from Genova, and his name was Cristoforo Colombo.

In Finnish he is known as Kristoffer Kolumbus.Emotion: smileThe Roman poet Virgil is Vergilius in Finnish (and Latin, too).


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And you are the one your culture is. I think my name is more chinese, for it is traditional, just as a symbol. I like it now, because i am the one who i am, not the symbol stands for