Woodward, could you give me any informatrion about how official Cambridge preparation are organized in the world? i intend to start this with a Canadian teacher who has an EFL degree obtained in Canada. What should we do? Contact the British Council? Or who? Thanks in advance.Peter
Hi Pieter,

I got your e-mail today and sent a reply but it bounced back.

The following site should have all the info that you need.

[url="http://www.cambridge-efl.org /"]Cambridge Preparation[/url]
Thank you Woody. Could you tell me pls how much time it takes approx. for a native English speaker ( not a pro teacher) with avarage intelligence to prepare and obtain a cerificate that enables him to teach Cambridge prep. courses?
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I'm not too sure there Pieter but I think it depends on if they have a university degree, the CELTA cert etc. Maybe someone else could help out with this question.
Pieter, I would certainly recconend doing CELTA before preparing students for Cambridge exams. Although the CELTA does not gear you to teaching specifically for Cambridge, it is a topic mentioned in the course and will come in useful.
How difficult this CELTA is for an native English speaker person, but with no college degree in teaching? Can you obtain it through online courses?
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As far as I know there are CELTA training centres in almost every country in the world and I don't think that the course can be taken online as a large percentage of the course is practial teaching.

Before trying the CELTA, I would recommend taking a TEFL course to get you ready for the next step.
CELTA is normally a one month full time course though some places do have it part time over a few months. I doubt that it can be done online and I'd be suspicious of any place that offers the course that way.
Thanks. As I said it's not for me but for a Canadian guy who has a TESL certificate. I'm not interested in taking any exams. Woodward knows why.
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