Are you satisfactory with your current job? Most of my friends are not, but they cannot do what they want to do, since finding a job is not so easy as past. Of course, in this hot competitive society, they still a large amount of people, who change their jobs often. They always complain how bad this company is and so on…I think we could not deny all of what they said, nor agree. However, at the same time, many bosses also meet the troubles in employee resource. What do you think about it? And how often do you change your job? How long did you work at your first job? How many jobs have you changed? And why did you choose to hunt a new job?

Could you show us your opinion?

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I'ts really been a long long time since I've changed my job - almost a decade - but I'm tired now and look forward to a much needed break!
well. It's been a long time since I work in the hospital.... I work here since I was 15 years, and now I'm doing Medicine school, it's good for me have a work in the hospital yet. i think that you should do something that you like the most, If you fell or if you think like a doctor be a doctor... if you think like a lawer . be a lawer... you must do what you like.
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Ivyzhang where are you from? add me [Personal contact removed by a moderator. Please add it in your profile only.]
My first job lasts for one month and the second one lasts three monthes.I change them because they are not promising and the pay is poor.I come from the same nation with you.I don't know how the situation is in other counties.But for me ,it is really hard to finad a good job.
Hi breadtree,

Maybe it's hard because you want so much, like my father use to stay , you are not make U$300.000,00 for year since you leave the high school... Emotion: stick out tongue how old are you?

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I think it's really hard to find a good job, even if you really want it. I'm 21 and I'm still going to the University, so I have done sasonal jobs. This sommer I went in German to work in a hotel, but I was not really good paid and I had to work a lot. I hope in my future to work as translator, but here in Italy translators don't get much money by working. Is it so also abroad?
Hi Ivyzhang, for me I have changed 3 jobs for reasons. My first job is in government society. At my working department, there is not too hard work. At that time I was 19 years old. I'm so keen to work hard. But the work is so little. After 3 years, I changed another job. At 2nd job, my eyes are open and I worked hard in this job. After 7 months I quit this job to attend the LCCI Accounting Course and because of low salary. I studied the lessons for two years and I got LCCI Diploma. I joined the current job. At current job, I worked too hard and I got satisfy salary. But Do you think you can happy when you get satisfy salary? I think so before, but not now, I'm not happy in my current job. Because I don't get the satisfy position equal with my work load. After 8 years, I resigned from my current job. So there are so many reasons to change to new job. Especially it depands on our satisfactory level.
Hi! Basically I am a biologist but I change the my job often: in other words my jobs are all about biology but sometimes I receive a contract for working with mud for some months, I worked for some time with sea plants and algae, I taught biology at the high school...and so on! I like this way because I'm never bored, but if I think of what I earn, well I would prefer having a only one job well paid! Everything has his reverse of the medal! Emotion: wink
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