How often do you speak english? Daily conversation? Very frequently? Hardly ever but you don't have problems speaking in English? I mean, not chatting. If you used to do it almost everyday or often and then you stopped doing it for a while, was it difficult to find your fluency again?
I used to do that almost every day even if for short time. I haven't speak English for about three months. Now I am afraid to say something in English because I think I won't be able to say anything in English anymore Emotion: sad Is it the same for you?
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Hi dear Audray,
About me, I speak it frequently. Everytime I have English class, the teacher always makes us speak it, so I would say: I have to speak it. My pronunciation is not good at all. I can have daily conversations, but when it comes to difficult words or sentences, I can not do well. I listen to English conversations of the native everyday to improve my listening skill. Actually, I don't think I will forget something about it after a long time no practise. The reason is that I just learn simple things about communicating Emotion: smile
Are you going to practise for it again? I think you shouldn't worry too much, because you still knowit. Just take time to improve it, everything will be okay Emotion: smile
Good luck!
I rarely speak English. I'd like to speak almost everyday with friends. But it's not working for some reasons. And I have lots of problems in English especially in speaking. I'm just a potato in conversations. Most of the time, I don't know how to continue the conversation like a retard. But I think I'm a good listener. Emotion: wink

So, Is there anyone who wants to practice English with me? Gladly welcome!

By the way, I can curse in English fluently as an exception because it's everyday use. Emotion: big smile
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Oh its not matter of concern you better try to speak with your friends frequently.Emotion: talkative
Gigi-Gigina, Stars and Glacier Emotion: bow
Something very interesting has happened: I had a conversation with someone in English this morning and everything went perfectly! But I think I lost almost 1 kilo after that Emotion: embarrassed
Everyday at work.
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you are lucky, Mr!
l do speak English almost everyday
NEEMA BEN MTOBWAl do speak English almost everyday
I think you are lucky too if you talk so often to someone in English. I wish I could speak English so often too Emotion: smile

Where? At work, maybe?
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