Hi ,everyone .

I am doing some coursework about the In-text citation of referencing .Who would like to give me some idea to make a parapharase the sentence below and cite correctly but do not change the meaning. The purpose of paraphrase is using the idea of an author,but not using his or her exact words.I have no idea how to make it .

"Whether it is an entrance exam for college or just an in-class quiz, there are a few simple tools that psychology can offer you to help maximize your performance."

(Adapted from:Whitbourne, S. K 2011)

I will appraciate if you can help me.


If we write something for you, then we would be doing your homework.

Why don't you try first and then let us correct what you have written afterwards.

Whithbourne (2001) suggest that whether is entrance exam for college or just a quiz test in class, there have a few simple method that psychology can help you to expand your performance.

That is my sentences ,is it correct ?
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Good try, Penny. I’m pleased to help you.

The most important thing about paraphrasing is to capture the essence of what the author said without using all of his exact words. You have simply rearranged the words and that is not correct. You have to think of NEW words, not just reuse the old ones. You may use some original words (as I have done) as long as you put them in quotation marks.

Normally, when citing an author in a text, you put their name, year of publication and page number inside of parentheses, then provide a full citation of their work at the end the manuscript in the “references” section. But I’m not certain that this is what your teacher wants. It might be a good question to ask her in class. Here is my idea for your sentence.

Regardless of what type of test you are going to take, S.K. Whithbourne (2001) says that there are some “simple… psychology” tips that can help you attain your highest score.

Hope this helps and please let me know what your teacher says :-)