hello everyone
well .. my name is ahmed.. I'm From Egypt and this is the first time i write here

i've searched alot about " how to be perfect at any foreign language "

and i think it can be so intersting

well rule no.1 -----> listen a lot

you can go to the web site (URL removed by mod)

and listen to radio stations

listen to songs with lyrics.. and look the new words up in the dictionary

watch movies

listen to radio stations

rule no. 2 ----> try to speak in that language

it would be amazing if you can find a native speaker to practise your language with

sadly i can't find an english native speaker or a german ( i study german )

and ... when you memorize a new word

put it in a new sentence

for example : cat

the cat is beautiful .. the cat drinks milk

rule no. 3 ----> the grammar is very important

solve a lot of exercises and try to imagine a conversation in which you can use this grammatical rule

rule no. 4----> Read and while you read

try simply to understand the sentence gramatically

hope that it would be useful for you

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I wouldn't go as far as saying "perfect". No one, not even native speakers in their own language, can reach such a level. That is precisely one of the reasons why languages evolve.
hi everyone
also i have some anothe way for improving english.

1)write a diary of your daily work or routin.
2)pick up some useful and practical structure from newspaper...
for example:acceptnig this matter by your parents should not translate into that you can get marry whit she...i saw it in washingtone post newspaper.
3)give different conference about different aspect of english in your class.
4)learn what you need,share what you have.
5)even read the structure of drug that is available on the surface of drug for your grandparents or parents.

hope to be usefel.

warm regard.