How does one pluralize a title within quotation marks? Please assume that the title is not one that should or could be italicized.

I'm guessing it's "A Love Lost"'s

or is it "A Love Lost"s

In my opinion, "A Love Lost"'s main flaws are its archaic prose and more importantly, its total lack of believable female characters.

What if it ends in an 's'? Like the hit TV show "Friends"?

I'm guessing it's "Friends"'

or is it "Friends"'s

"Friends"' ratings are higher than ever!

I don't know how to do this, or if it's even possible. My first instinct is to avoid it as if it were made out of plutonium.

The trouble with making things in quotes possessive ('s) is that many people (like me) will miss the '.
Besides, even if they do notice it, they've then got to figure out how to pronounce it. Friendsez?. A love lostez?

Why bother anyway? Why not just say something like this:

The flaws of "A Love Lost" are...

The ratings of "Friends" are...

But, if there is a proper way to do it, I'd like to hear it.
I have never seen it written but I HAVE heard it said,
so there must be a correct way to write it.

I hope that you will post the answer here when you discover it.
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You're right in that there are many ways to get around having to pluralize them.
But to quote you: But, if there is a proper way to do it, I'd like to hear it. I am
an excellent online rapid fact finder and for the life of me, I couldn't find anything.
Admittedly, it is rarely one will need to show possessive of a title they can't italize.
The first time for me was when I went to answer an online survey about TV shows
and had to type: "Three's Company"'s worst episode is still better than "Friends"'s best.

I've been bugging me since and even more now that I can't find anything!
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I just receive a response from a delightful young lady at allexperts.com, which I'll paste it below.
She summed up what I suspected - because the item in quotes/italics is a "work",
it is a separate entity and will ALWAYS be be followed by an apostrophe-"s".

Put only the actual title in quotation marks/italics, and then put an apostrophe-"s"
after that (even if the title ends with an "s").

This can look rather clumsy, though, so you could avoid the problem by rewording the sentence:
* In my opinion, the main flaws of "A Love Lost" are its archaic prose ....
* The show's ratings are higher than ever!
[preceded by a sentence using "Friends" so that it's clear which show you're talking about]