Dear friends.

I use voice chat with native speaker friends to practice my english and keep it updated. But I want to hear from you about which other ways one can use. Thanks for reading this message
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I would use the same way but I don't know anybody to do this.

Can you help me?

thanks you very much.
Anybody who wants to practice english by talking through internet can message me. I am using yahoo msn skype and google talk messengers. Just send me a private message if you want to get in touch
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jonathan1980tr - I believe that what you are doing to improve your spoken English is the absolute best way to make improvements so I cannot see why you want to alter this. Perhaps you could sign up for a language school in an English speaking country if you really want to be surrounded by the English language and their sounds. But in some way this is already what you are doing when speaking on for instance Skype.

I want to improve my english as well and i dont have opportunities to speak .

so if you agree perhaps we could speak each other by msn or any other chat

if you agree contact me

sure why not
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Thank for your help , i want to learn speaking inglish with you
I find native people don't want practicng English with me. There is good new website I find for your speaking and listening English practice. There are lots of countrys student and lots of topics for learn English. This website have many students want to speak English. I sign up for free and its good. It have Skype for practice life speaking. I hope you can enjoy! Its name:


I'm looking for a person to speek english. Couple years ago english was my first foreign language. Almost two years ago I came to France and french has been priority for my. Now I would like to refresh my knowlage of english language.

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