Do you know anywhere on-line to speak to people in English?

Apart from in the class how do you practise speaking English?
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Hmm..what about with friends?:) I know it's not a good way if you want to improve your pronunciation but if you are shy, they will help you to open up. At least, that's what I do since I am really shy while speaking in English. It's helping me at least!:)
the most effetive way to improve your spoken English is to find a native speaker to talk with you.
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but where and how? that's the major question.

I know ı'm very late to reply your wish but if you are still looking for a partner to improve your speaking ,we can help each other....please back to me ...ı'm really need anyone to practice....
I need someone to talk too! Emotion: nodding
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Hi my name is Amir. I live in Germany as a student. I want to improve my speaking. I am looking for a partner. Are you ready to join me?
An easy way to do this is build up a list of online friends and speak to them regularly on skype. That has to be as near as you can get to the real thing online.
It's a good idea. thanks for reminding me.
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