Hi. I am an American, and I am new to this board. I am learning another language and realized that getting help from a native speaker exponentially increases my ability to speak the language.
So I am hear to help.
I can make video and audio recordings on request to help with pronunciation or to explain something. So please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Anyways, I figure posting some things right off the bat would be a good thing to do.
So I am going to explain some things for you.

1)pronouncing 'the'
2)pronouncing 'a'
3)pronouncing 'have'

1)as an American, I almost always pronounce "the" like "thuh". It doesn't really matter what situation it is used in, it is almost always the same. We usually only pronounce it "thee" to add extra emphasis.

2)'a' is usually pronounced two ways. First, "ay" which is the proper way to pronounce it. Second, "uh" which is probably more common in the U.S.
examples: I have 'ay' car, book, letter, etc.
I have 'uh' car, book, letter, etc.
It is hard to explain when each one is used. With 'a' it does not really matter.
Though it is more common to say 'uh' in casual speech, and 'ay' in a more proper setting or to add emphasis.

3) Pronouncing 'have'. When it is realted to possession, it is pronounce 'hav' with the hard 'v'. When it is related to action, it is pronounce 'haf', with the 'v' sounding like an 'f'.
examples: I "hav" a car. (possession, hard v)
I "haf" to go to school. (related to action, so 'v' is pronounced like 'f'.

This is just to start. I would like to continue to update this thread.

I will be uploading video onto the internet later today explaining this.

If you have any questions or want any help, give me a holler!
sorry if I did not explain things very clearly, and my lack of knowledge of how to explain things phonetically, but the videos should help tremendously to make up for these shortcomings.

and there is another thing i thought of. HOW TO PRONOUNCE -ING.
videos and explanations coming forthwith
thank you bud that was really helpful and honesly i've never payed attention to those things and pronounciations, again thank you and keep up the good work,
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This was a very helpful post. I am teaching English in Korea and my co-teacher asked me the difference in pronouncing the a sound. I had never once though about this until I found this post. Thanks for the explanation!

this's arun from india. 'm workin as a US recruiter in india. since 'm new to this field. i want to pitch like an american. for tat need ua help. so can u giv ua hand to pull me up????

waiting for ua curious reply.

thank you

with regards

Hi. I'm Korean student, and I was searching how to pronounce like Americans. Because i have to make some lecture in English. However, my English pronunciation isn't great. My teacher told me that I should speak as much as Americans. So, if you don't mind, I want to receive your voice e-mail (I will give you some texts then speak it please Emotion: smile )

could you give me your e-mail address? thank you ^^!
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