Hello, I'm new to this website and the reason why I'm here is because I want to improve my speech because I was born with a speech impediment and I find it hard to pronounce the following sounds.

Please tell me where my lips,mouth and mouth should be. I know what they sound like but I can't pronounce them. I wish I didn't have a speech impediment Emotion: sad

R especially r as in here When I pronounce here it sounds like hew and near sounds like new

Sh especially at the end of words

U(bus) and o and boss sometimes I get mixed up between them

Ew as in new

Oo as in book it sounds like the other o which I know I to pronounce

Full sounds like fool

The schwa I genuinely don't know if I can pronounce this so Button sounds like buttin so but tin is this the right way to the pronounce it?

Idk if a say sofa correctly

I find it hard to say work, world and worry.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. This speech therapy has annoyed me for many years now and I want it to go away because I've had enough of not being understood in school or even by my parents Emotion: sad

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

It is but these pronunciation tutorials don't help me. I mean one did teach me how to say the CH sound.

They are for English learners not for people with speech impediments ;/

Are those videos of no help at all?

If you found the first speech therapist no good, why not try others?