"Karaoke" is originated from Japanese.
We, Japanese, pronounce it "Kah-rah-oh-keh."
Do we have to pronounce it like "carry-oh-key" when we talk about karaoke with English-speaking people?
If we pronounce it like "kah-rah-oh-keh," do English-speaking people understand what it is?
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English speaking people will understand it either way. It is a distinctive word. I now realize that English speaking people pronounce the word incorrectly. I will encourage the Japanese pronunciation from now on.

My boyfriend says it "cah-rokey" it's cute I like it I understand anyone who speaks anything close to "carey-okee" it's all good. If people don't understand you right away try to pronounce "carey-okee" and people should get it. I love karaoke!!!
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Who cares? Pronounce it however you like. If people laugh at your pronunciation then you might want to revise it.


of course they will understand, my russian friend say it the same way and everybody understands. I used to do a lot of mistakes when I was living near the property in Germany . If you want to learn language faster you don't need to think about mistakes.

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The pronunciation has long since settled down to carry-OH-key. It is an English word. We borrowed it. Anybody who corrects you is being pedantic and deserves ridicule. Do you have any idea how many words in English are from non-Germanic languages? If we tried to pronounce them as they were pronounced in the original language, we would not be speaking English any more. Besides, we cannot use the Japanese pronunciation because we can't do it without special training and practice. They don't even have stressed syllables.